Principles And Values

  • Our company's mission is to offer individuals and businesses ,the best solutions for their housing or workplace needs.
  • We are also concerned with the community of the city in which the building is going to be constructed. They deserve to enjoy an aesthetically pleasing construction and they also have the right to continue with their lives as normal, with minimal disturbance while the work is being carried out.
  • We are aware of the significance of our buildings in the environment and therefore we follow sustainability criteria when we build them.
  • We take care over the construction process which we subcontract and closely supervise. This process starts with meticulous planning after which the project is carried out with the utmost organization. We pay great attention to detail and finishing touches.
  • We develop the projects with specialist supplier in different areas. They are responsible for an important part of the outcome of our projects which is why we gather together the most suitable, best-qualified team possible. They are individuals and companies that share our enthusiasm and philosophy, and commit themselves to giving their maximum effort and dedication.
  • The architect integrates our ideas with his or her humanist vision and uses architectural techniques to turn an idea for a building into reality. At the same time, the architect must create something that is aesthetically pleasing. We work with architects who understand and have affection for the city their building is going to form a part. They must have the talent to give shape to an idea that results in an attractive, honest and lasting building.
  • Our employees are recruited for their honesty, for understanding what civic responsibility means, and for being straightforward in their dealings. We put at their disposal the most advanced technology and resources available in order to facilitate their work, allowing them to concentrate on the most interesting and creative aspects of their jobs.
  • The shareholders share our principles and values and they deserve an appropriate return on the risk that they have undertaken. Our profits need to be such as to attract the capital needed to fulfil our objectives. We do this by adding value, without speculating on the long-term value of the properties.

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